When Kevin Wölbert is needed, he is ready and waiting

by Manuel Wüst - Automatic translation from German

As a four-time speedway champion, Kevin Wölbert is one of Germany's top riders. He told SPEEDWEEK.com how he experienced his comeback in the national team and what else he has planned for 2024.

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Kevin Wölbert made his comeback in the German national team this year at the Speedway World Cup in Breslau (Wroclaw), scoring 18 of the team's 22 points together with Kai Huckenbeck. Despite Wölbert's seven points, the team, led by Sascha Dörner and Mathias Bartz, ultimately fell one point short of the Czechs and missed out on a place in the race-off.

"One or two more points would certainly have been possible for me in the team championship," said Wölbert, looking back on the race in Poland. "I was able to score some points. If everyone had scored like me and Kai, I could have scored more."

If the 34-year-old has his way, the appearance in Wroclaw was not his last in black and red and gold: "Team-wise, it's a really cool number with Sascha and Matze. I haven't raced for several years, so I don't know how things have gone with Peppi Rudolph in recent years. But in my last few years it didn't always go quite so smoothly. This year it was fun. If I'm needed, then I'm available and drive. If I'm not needed, then I'll talk turkey and stay at home."

Wölbert wants to attack again, not only in the team, but also in other predicate races. "I don't want to be accused of not giving it my all. Even though I've lost one of my main sponsors, I want to do everything I can and compete in the European and World Championships again next year. There have always been offers for the league in England, but I've turned them down for now. I'm focussing on Poland and the European and World Championships. My goal in the European Championships is to get into the final races."

The Heidhofer is optimistic that he will make more progress in the predicates next season than this year because he can leave some challenges behind him. "I had problems this year, was on the ropes a bit and had to change a few things during the season. But that's just the way it is from time to time. When it works with the engines and everything, it's like a home game. It was simply a matter of finding top speed. The new mechanic and the fire didn't make things any better, but things are calm again now. The mechanic will stay on board and we also want to work on the technical set-up in the spring."