Ken Roczen's Suzuki in detail

by Thoralf Abgarjan - Automatic translation from German

Ken Roczen's mechanic, Travis Soules, explains the details on the Suzuki RM-Z 450 that the German rides in the US Supercross Championships. Roczen uses an engine kit from Twisted Development.

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Ken Roczen 's mechanic on the Progressive Suzuki team is Travis Soules. "We had already dealt with each other during Ken's time at RCH. In the end, everything had to happen very quickly. Ken immediately felt comfortable on the bike, but the time until the start of the season was very short. We also got a new truck for this season. But to work with a rider like Kennyis just great."

The Suzuki RM-Z 450 is the only bike on the grid that needs to be kick-started. "We don't see it as a problem," Soules explains. "There is a hot start lever on the handlebars. With that, the bike comes on at the first kick, even if the engine is hot. That works better in the race than a choke, which you have to take back when the engine has started. That can easily be forgotten in the hectic pace of the race."

"Apart from that, Kenny's bike was only changed in details. We have an engine kit from Twisted Development." This allows the compression of the engine to be increased. When asked what the most sensitive point is when working with Ken Roczen, the mechanic answers, "It's the fork and his feeling for the front. Ken prefers a rather soft setting, but he notices every little change immediately. His rear brake lever is set quite high." Incidentally, the rear silencer on Ken's Suzuki comes from Pro Circuit, the clutch from Hinson. "But apart from that, the bike is pretty basic."